Home Occupation Business Registration

Home Occupation businesses include those businesses using a residential address, within the municipal limits of the City of Rio Rancho, as the address of the business whether or not business will actually be conducted at the residence.
  • For all home-based businesses, a separate home occupation permit is required (see below)
  • The price for an annual registration is $35 plus a one time fee of $67 for a home occupation permit
  • If you are a loan agent, pawn broker, private detective, auctioneer, or dealer in second hand goods, a license is required for your business. Please refer to the Clerk's Office Schedule of Fees for applicable fees
  • Please note that residential day care operations and residential adult care facilities should not be registered as a home occupation business, and require a fire inspection. Please contact the City's Development Services Department for specific requirements

To register your home occupations, please complete the following:

STEP 1: Complete Application for Business Registration: Excel Format - PDF Format
  • A valid state of New Mexico tax ID number (CRS Number) is required for all businesses. If you do not already have a CRS number, you can obtain one at the Office of the City Clerk, or by contacting New Mexico Taxation & Revenue. Please note that Rio Rancho has two location codes (Sandoval County and Bernalillo County). Please make sure you use the correct location code
  • Please click here for additional resources that may be helpful in starting up your business
STEP 2: Complete the Application for a Home Occupation Permit: PDF Format

Return your completed Application with approvals, Wastewater Survey, Emergency Contacts/Alarm Information Form,a copy of your fire inspection, and applicable permits and licenses to the Office of the City Clerk
  • While in-person registration is preferred, please contact the Office of the City Clerk at (505) 891-5004 to make arrangements for fax, email or mail submission
  • Where applicable, please provide copies of your contractor's license, environmental health permit, or other required state licenses/permits when submitting your application