Impact Fee Study

The City of Rio Rancho is required to "review and evaluate its current land use assumptions and shall cause an update of the capital improvements plan to be prepared in accordance with the Development Fees Act" (NMSA 5-8-30). Additionally, an advisory committee, which in this case is the Capital Improvement Plan Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CIPCAC), must review any preliminary impact fee documentation and then a public hearing must be held by the Governing Body in order to discuss the land use assumptions and the capital improvements plan.

Impact Fee Study

A review and evaluation of the City's current impact fee ordinance and methodologies relative to other similar sized cities in the State of New Mexico and the Southwest, and identify recommended changes or modifications to the City's ordinance and methodologies in accordance with all state and local laws based on the review, evaluation, analysis, and assessment.

Land Use Assumptions

Projection of new development.

Impact Fee Report

Calculation of the cost of new development.

As of October 2016, citizen advisory bodies CIPCAC and Planning and Zoning Board have reviewed this issue and information and the matter will be reviewed by the Governing Body in the near future.