Posted on: May 10, 2017

Rio Rancho Property Owners Must Obtain an Inspection and Permit

Any time a property owner does construction to their home (such as repairs for damages, electrical work or installing patio covers, pavilions, or sheds), installs large household mechanical items (such as water heaters or swamp coolers), or contracts any of this work out to a licensed contractor, a City inspector must be contacted and a permit must be obtained. It is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure that the contractor is licensed and requests a permit for the work that will be done.

When property owners receive a permit, they’ve ensured that they have:

•             Followed the law—City ordinance requires that permits be requested on construction projects.

•             Improved safety—Receiving an inspection and permit allows for a City Code Official to reduce potential hazards of unsafe work environments and means that a project will meet safety standards and be less likely to cause injuries to them, their family, and future home owners.

•             Protected themselves--When a building permit is requested, the City Code Official verifies that a contractor is licensed in the state of New Mexico. A homeowner can call the City and check on the license and permit status of a prospective contractor before any work is done.

Michael Savage, City of Rio Rancho’s Chief Building Official, says, “Many times property owners don’t realize that they need to get their new water heaters, or other large household mechanical items, inspected when they pay a company to install it. However, property owners need to be aware that when they get this work inspected by the City, they are not only following the law, but they are also protecting themselves and their investment.”

If property owners feel that they have not received an inspection for large household mechanical items installed in their homes or for construction, they should contact the City of Rio Rancho’s Development Services Department at (505) 891-5006. To verify the licensed status of a contractor you wish to employ visit https://public.psiexams.com/search.jsp for their license status in the State of New Mexico.

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