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Department of Public Works
For general questions please see our:
Department of Public Works Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

The Public Works Department is made up of three Divisions and the Land Coordinator. They are: Building and Fleet Maintenance, Engineering, and Streets & Right-of-Way. Through these divisions the Public Works department is responsible for: handling City vehicles and facilities, Capital Improvement Projects, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), traffic operations, management of City land, care of City right-of-way areas, and care of City roads.

Building and Fleet Maintenance Division
  • Repairs, maintains, decommissions, and processes new City vehicles.
  • Maintains and cleans City facilities.

Engineering Division – 505-896-8770
  • Maintains and installs traffic signals, street lights, and street signs in City right-of-way.
  • Plans, designs, and constructs public improvement projects. These items include roads, water infrastructure, drainage, wastewater infrastructure, recycled water, and bridges.
  • Manages the Geographic Information System (GIS).
  • Manages records for completed projects.

Land Coordinator – 505-891-5220
  • Oversees right-of-way procurement for City Projects.
  • Purchases, leases, sells, and disposes of City Property (City owned Lands).

Streets & Right-of-Way Division – 505-891-7224
  • Removes weeds in City right-of-way.
  • Grades City dirt roads.
  • Sweeps and repairs paved City roads.
  • Removes Graffiti in City right-of-way.
  • Cleans out drains and gutters in City right-of-way.

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Department of Public Works   Engineering Division
Current Road Improvement Bond   Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)
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    Downloadable Maps
Streets & Right-of-Way Division
  GIS Data Download
Dirt Road Maintenance
  Map Application Gallery
Graffiti Reporting
  Special Assessment District (SAD) Information
Pavement Maintenance
  Traffic Update
Road Sweeping
Snow Removal
  Land Coordinator
Weeds, Litter, and Drains Maintenance
  Property Acquisition Process

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