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Doing Business with the City
Please browse the following section to find information about doing business with the City

The Purchasing Division is responsible for the acquisition of all supplies, materials, equipment and/or services for the City of Rio Rancho, New Mexico. The City assumes no liability for payment of obligations except those incurred and authorized by the City of Rio Rancho Purchasing Division.

The primary objective of Purchasing is to provide timely and responsive support to user departments. Functions of the Purchasing Division include:
  • Purchasing of supplies, materials, equipment and services as requested by user departments in accordance with Article 2 of the Procurement Code
  • Providing guidance and training to user departments on the Procurement Code and purchasing policies and procedures
  • Formulating policy regarding purchasing procedures.

Purchase Order Awards
Award of a purchase order will be made to the responsive bidder submitting the lowest and best bid which conforms to the specifications, terms and conditions contained in the invitation. Consideration will also be given to the bidder's potential ability to successfully perform the terms and conditions contained in the invitation and the bidder's past performance, if applicable.

General Information About Bids/Proposals
  • Correspondence Concerning Bid/Proposal Invitations: Any question concerning the Invitation for Bid (IFB), Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Information (RFI) should be directed to the Purchasing Division and the Procurement Officer or Contracting Officer whose name and telephone number is listed on the document. The person corresponding should specify the bid/proposal or quotation number and the bid/proposal opening date.
  • Public Bid/Proposal Openings: In most cases, all bid openings are due at 3200 Civic Center Circle NE, 1st Floor - Room #150 - Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87144 at 2:00 p.m. local time and are open to the public.
  • Receipt of Bids/Proposals: It is the bidder's sole responsibility to ensure that a bid/proposal is physically delivered to Fiscal Services prior to the time and date specified for closing. Vendors must ensure that submitted bids/proposals are sealed and identified upon delivery to Fiscal Services. The bid/proposal container must bear the official IFB/RFP number and the official closing date. Any bid/proposal received after the bid/proposal opening date and time will be returned unopened. All bid/proposal tabulation sheets are public record and kept for a period established by statute.
  • Bid/Proposal Errors: Prior to submission of bids/proposals, errors may be corrected by lining out and entering the substituted words or figures. The change should be initialed by the person signing the bid/proposal. No bid/proposal shall be altered or amended after the bid opening and proposal due date and time. In the case of errors in the extension price, the unit price will govern.
  • Modifications or Withdrawal of Bids/Proposals: Bids/Proposals may be modified or withdrawn by written notice received prior to the bid/proposal opening date and time specified. A bid/proposal may also be withdrawn or modified in person by the bidder or his/her authorized representative who identifies him/herself and signs a receipt for the invitation, but only if these actions are accomplished before the specified time and date for the bid opening and proposal due period. No telefax quotes will be accepted for purchases exceeding $20,000.00.

    After bid opening, a low bidder alleging a material mistake of fact which makes his bid nonresponsive may be permitted to withdraw his bid if the mistake is clearly evident on the face of the bid or if the bidder submits evidence which clearly and convincingly demonstrates that a mistake has been made.

    The decisions to permit or deny withdrawal of a bid on the basis of a mistake is a decision to be made by the procurement officer. No modifications in bid prices or other provisions of the bid are permitted.
  • Cancellation or Request for Bid/Proposal: The Purchasing Division may cancel an Invitation for Bid, Request for Proposal or any other solicitation in whole or in part when it is in the best interest of the City at any time prior to notification of award.
  • Samples and/or Literature: Any samples or descriptive literature requested in the Invitation for Bid/Request for Proposal must be provided free of charge. Samples which are not destroyed by testing will be returned at the bidder's expense upon request. Samples submitted by successful bidders may be kept for the duration of the contract for comparison of shipment received.
  • Specifications: Unless a vendor specifies otherwise in his/her bid/proposal, it is assumed that the vendor is bidding in strict accordance with the specifications in the IFB/RFP. When merchandise is received that does not meet these specifications, it may be returned to the vendor for non-compliance.
  • Payment Procedure: Vendors are requested to submit original invoices for payment to: City of Rio Rancho, ATTN: Accounts Payable, 3200 Civic Center Circle STE 300, Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87144. All invoices must reference appropriate purchase order number. Standard terms are net 30 days from invoice/statement date, however, the following exceptions will apply:
    1) Payment Discounts
    2) Contract negotiated terms
    3) State or GSA Pricing terms

    Inquiries regarding payment should be directed to Accounts Payable at (505) 891-5010.

The City of Rio Rancho by enactment of a Charter pursuant to the provisions of Article X, Section 6 of the New Mexico Constitution and pursuant to the Municipal Charter Act, is a home rule municipality. The City will adhere to the Procurement Code adopted in accordance to the City of Rio Rancho Charter. No political or other prejudicial consideration govern the award of the City of Rio Rancho contracts or orders; rather every purchase is made in the public's interest providing all vendors a fair and equal opportunity. It is the objective of the City of Rio Rancho to procure the necessary supplies, equipment and services at the lowest possible cost consistent with the quality needed to meet the departmental requirements and that the taxpayer receive the maximum value for each dollar expended.

Bidder Selection
The City of Rio Rancho maintains a current file of prospective bidders categorized by goods and services. The bidder file is continually updated with new prospective bidders.

Procurement Methods
Procurement means:
  • The purchasing, renting, leasing, lease purchasing or otherwise acquiring items of tangible personal property, services or construction.
  • All procurement functions, including but not limited to, preparation of specifications, solicitation of sources, qualification or disqualification of sources and preparation and award of contracts and contract administration

The City of Rio Rancho has the following types of open market purchases.
  • A sole Source Purchase or emergency requires justification documentation. Best Obtainable Price.
  • $0.01 to $50.00, Petty Cash
    All purchases under $5,000 shall be made at the best obtainable price.
  • Purchases between $5,000.01 - $10,000 shall be made after receipt of three telephone quotations.
  • Purchases between $10,000.01 - 20,000 shall be made after receipt of fax or written quotation, which shall be attached to the purchase requisition.
  • Purchases over $20,000 shall be a formal invitation for bid (IFB)
  • A 5% allowance shall be credited to bidders' prices for businesses with offices located within city limits.
  • Procurement requirements shall not be artificially divided so as to constitute a small purchase under this section.

Price Agreements/Contracts
Regardless of the type of goods and/or services being sought, the City of Rio Rancho may use existing price agreements/contracts issued by other governmental entities including, but not limited to, the Federal GSD, State of New Mexico, Counties, Schools or other Municipalities.