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Modified Softball League Rules
The following rules are specific to the softball leagues in the city of Rio Rancho. All other rules can be found on the USSSA website.

Modified League Rules
  • Homeruns - Each league team is allowed three homeruns plus one up. (One up means if both teams hit three homeruns then each team will be awarded one more homerun.)
  • Minimum/Maximum Batters - Each team must bat a minimum of 8 batters but no more then 14 batters per game.  In mixed leagues there must be equal or more females than male batters (you can have more females then males in the line up, but not more males.)  Teams WILL NOT assume outs if there are less than 10 in the line up.
  • Substitution Runner - Every team is allowed one substitution runner per inning.  Runners over the age of 60 will be able to have a substitution runner every inning.  A male runner must have a male substitution; a female runner must have a female substitution.
  • Run Rule (Men's Leagues) - In all league play the run rule is 15 runs after 4 complete innings or 10 runs after 5 complete innings.  The game will end if a team is winning by these amounts after the designated innings.
  • Run Rule Per Inning (Mixed/Women's Leagues) - Mixed teams will only be allowed to score 7 runs per inning for 4 complete innings.  The only exception to this rule is a team losing by more than 7 runs in innings 1 to 4. (Example: If Team A is losing 12-3 in the second inning Team A will be able to score enough runs to tie the game then the inning will end.  After the fourth complete inning any team can score as many runs as possible.)
  • Overtime- In the event of a tie-breaker the game will be played with one extra inning. If a runner from either team has yet to score in the extra inning then the game will go to a 1-pitch inning rule. If no runner has yet to score in the 1-pitch inning the game will end in a tie.
  • Defenseless Pitcher - This is a pitcher that is unable to make a play on the ball hit back at them and does not have a reasonable chance to react in time to make a play on the ball. 
    • If the pitcher steps off the sides of the pitching rubber then the rules do not apply. The rule will be enforced at the end of the play, and only if batted ball hits the defenseless pitcher (ball is live). 
    • If a player up at bat hits a pitcher the bat will be removed from the game/tournament. The bat will be taken away and be visually inspected and weighted. If the bat in question doesn't pass inspection it will be sent to the National Office to be sent off to the manufacturer to be tested for alterations. If the bat passes inspection it will be given back to the player at the end of the game/tournament. 
    • If the player refuses to let any Official/Director/UIC inspect and weigh the bat the player will be automatically ejected from the game/tournament. This information will be sent down to the USSSA State Director and further punishment may be handed down to the player and team. 
    • If a player on or off the field threatens to hit the ball at the pitcher then that player will be suspended or ejected from the game, as per rule ten of the players conduct in the Adult Sports Manual. (Any player ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct shall automatically be suspended for a minimum of (7) days.  Suspension is from all city of Rio Rancho league(s) the player is on.) 
  • Bats
    • Before each game the teams must place their team bats on the fence bat rack outside of the dugouts. The teams can place a maxim of twelve bats on the rack. The bats will be inspected by the umpires before each game. If an umpire believes the bat has been altered, or otherwise does not pass the umpire's inspection, that bat will not be allowed to be used. This is up to the umpire’s discretion. Once the bats are placed on the fence rack and inspected only those bats will be allowed to be used during the game. Only bats presented and passing inspection, prior to the start of the game, may be used.  Late arriving bats (once game starts) or replacement bats (during game) will not be inspected and may not be used.  All bats must be USSSA approved.
    • If a bat is brought back into the dugout during the game, whether by accident or not,that bat will become ineligible for play, and may not be used.

Printable versions of the Modified League Rules

Modified League Rules (MS Word)
Modified League Rules (PDF)

For complete USSSA Slow-pitch Softball rules click here.