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Official Election Results
The official results from the city of Rio Rancho’s March 6, 2012, regular municipal election that included three city council seats and nine city Charter amendment questions are:

District 1 City Councilor, Four-Year Term   Absentee/Early  Polls  Total
 Michael J. Williams (Incumbent)  68  196  264
 Chuck Wilkins  136  540  676

 District 4 City Councilor, Four-Year Term  Absentee/Early  Polls Total 
 Roberta M. Radosevich  70  205  275
 Mark S. Scott  108  419  527
 Steven L. Shaw (Incumbent)  99  308  407
 District 6 City Councilor, Four-Year Term  Absentee/Early  Polls  Total
 Lonnie Clayton  111  312  423
 Helene Joy Apper 25  65  90
 Marilyn Salzman  80  177  257
 Kathleen M. Colley (Incumbent)  169  324  493

Runoff Election
Because no candidate received more than 50 percent of the total votes cast in the regular municipal election for District 4 City Councilor and District 6 City Councilor, a runoff election is necessary.

In the runoff election, the candidates will be:

District 4 City Councilor, Four-Year Term 
Steven L. Shaw (Incumbent)
Mark S. Scott
District 6 City Councilor, Four-Year Term
Kathleen M. Colley (Incumbent)
Lonnie Clayton

The runoff election will be held between 35 days to 45 days following the canvass of the regular election. The runoff election date has been set by vote of the Rio Rancho Governing Body to take place on April 17, 2012.

City Charter Amendment Questions
Proposition 27
Summary of question: Requiring the mayor to devote his/her full-time to the duties of the office; the mayor may have outside employment only if there is no material conflict in performing the mayoral duties; and establishing new mayoral duties and responsibilities.

   Absentee/Early  Polls  Total
 For  677  2,109  2,786
 Against  517  1,598  2,115

Proposition 28
Summary of question: Allowing the mayor to second a motion to remove the city manager.

   Absentee/Early  Polls  Total
 For  856  2,361  3,217
 Against  346  1,312  1,658

Proposition 29
Summary of question: Establishing new duties for the city manager (assist the Governing Body in developing long term goals for the city and strategies to achieve these goals; and promote partnerships among the Governing Body, staff and citizens in developing public policy and building a sense of community) and clarifying existing duties.

   Absentee/Early  Polls  Total
 For  875  2,613  3,488
 Against  333  1,061  1,394

Proposition 30
Summary of question: Grammatical change to existing language in Section 5.03 (Department Directors; Discipline; Termination), which makes no substantive change to existing procedure.

   Absentee/Early  Polls  Total
 For  881  2,534  3,415
 Against  333  1,157  1,490

Proposition 31
Summary of question: Clarifying language added to Section 5.07 (Boards and Commissions; Advisory Bodies) that makes it clear that existing provisions do not apply to internal boards or committees that consist solely of appointive offices or employees, which may be created from time to time in order to carry out their assigned duties.

   Absentee/Early  Polls  Total
 For  880  2,600  3,480
 Against  325  1,073  1,398

Proposition 32
Summary of question: Removing the Utilities Commission from the Charter; commission would continue to exist through a previously adopted ordinance.

   Absentee/Early  Polls  Total
 For  672  1,886  2,538
 Against  424  1,447  1,871

Proposition 33
Summary of question: Removing the Parks and Recreation Commission from the Charter; commission would continue to exist through a previously adopted ordinance.

   Absentee/Early  Polls  Total
 For  648  1,803  2,451
 Against 461  1,529  1,990

Proposition 34
Summary of question: Requiring the Governing Body to prepare and adopt an ordinance which requires voters to furnish photo identification at the time a vote is cast at the polling location in Rio Rancho municipal elections.

   Absentee/Early  Polls  Total
 For  915  2,926  3,841
 Against 256  719  975

Proposition 35
Summary of question: Increasing from 10 to 50, the required number of signatures by registered voters on an intention to file a petition for recall of a city councilor or the mayor.

   Absentee/Early  Polls  Total
 For 874  2,618  3,492
 Against  297  1,001  1,298

Please see attached for complete Charter amendment ballot question language (MS Word / PDF).

Voter Turnout
Of the 51,724 registered voters who could have cast a ballot in the March 6, 2012, Rio Rancho regular municipal election, 5,010 or 9.68 percent voted.

Canvass of Election Results

The March 6, 2012, election results were canvassed by 13th Judicial District Court Judge John F. Davis and certified as official on Friday, March 9, 2012.  View official canvassing document (searchable PDF).

Through the canvassing process, which is in place to ensure the accuracy of election results, numbers have been updated from the unofficial election results reported on Election Day.

The difference in the unofficial and official result numbers is due to data input errors in the election returns spreadsheet.

The data input errors did not change the outcome of the City Council contests or passage of all nine of the Charter amendment proposition questions.

Swearing-In Ceremony
At 6 p.m. on Monday, March 12, 2012, at Rio Rancho City Hall, Chuck Wilkins will be officially sworn in and take office as District 1 City Councilor. The public is invited to attend the ceremony.

For election questions, please call the Office of the City Clerk at (505) 891-5004.

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