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Official Election Results
The official results from the city of Rio Rancho’s March 4, 2014, regular municipal election that included the Mayor, Municipal Judge, and three City Council seats are:

 Mayor (four-year term, at-large)
 Absentee/Early  Polls  Total
 Greggory D. Hull
 933  2,078  3,011
 Michael J. Williams
 734  1,323  2,057
 R. Morgan Braden
 238  634  872
 Jim Owen
 269  717  986

*Runoff election required for highest and second-highest vote-getter (Mayor)

 Municipal Judge (four-year term, at-large)
 Absentee/Early  Polls  Total
 Ramon M. Montano
 1,076  1,540
 Jeffrey A. Goen
 284  765  1,049
 G. Robert Cook (incumbent)
 1,236  2,608  3,844

 District 2 City Councilor (four-year term)
 Absentee/Early  Polls  Total
 Dawnn Robinson
 193  314  507
 Darlene D. Collins
 120  182  302
 Sandra Jean Atwood
 46  83  129

 District 3 City Councilor (four-year term)
 Absentee/Early  Polls Total
 Tamara L. Gutierrez (incumbent)
 165  331  496
 Cheryl Ann Everett
 185  322  507

 District 5 City Councilor (four-year term)
 Absentee/Early  Polls Total
 Thomas R. Buckner
 89  197  286
 Timothy C. Crum (incumbent)
 62  218  280
 Shelby Smith
 95  275  370
 Paul Joseph Howell
 44  137  181

*Runoff election required for highest and second-highest vote-getter (District 5 City Councilor)

Canvass of Election Results
The March 4, 2014, unofficial election results were canvassed by Sandoval County Magistrate Court Judge Richard L. Zanotti and certified as official on Friday, March 7, 2014. 

certified canvass of election results (searchable PDF).

Runoff Election

Because no candidate received more than 50 percent of the total votes cast in the regular municipal election for the offices of Mayor and District 5 City Councilor, a runoff election is necessary per City Code.

In the runoff election, the candidates will be:

Mayor (four-year term, at-large)

Greggory D. Hull
Michael J. Williams      

District 5 City Councilor (four-year term)

Thomas R. Buckner
Shelby Smith

The runoff election will be held between 35 days to 45 days after the canvass (scheduled for March 7, 2014) of the regular election is completed. The runoff election date will be set by vote of the Rio Rancho Governing Body at their March 12, 2014, regular meeting at 6:30 p.m. at Rio Rancho City Hall, 3200 Civic Center Circle.

Voter Turnout
Out of 57,601 registered voters, 6,960 or 12.08 percent voted in the March 4, 2014, regular municipal election.

For election questions, please call the Office of the City Clerk at (505) 891-5004.

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