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Duties and Responsibilities
Duties and Responsibilities
The City of Rio Rancho is an extremely diverse community with a population nearing 90,000 residents. With any community of this size, comes the need for police services that are prepared to handle the gamut of calls for service made by our residents.

Our Police Officers respond to and investigate all major and minor crimes against persons and property, traffic crashes that involve injury and property damage and assist the members of our community in any way possible. On any given shift, our officers may respond to reports of domestic violence, fights, burglaries, automobile crashes, narcotics related calls, death investigations, neighbor disputes, DUI investigations, assist on medical emergencies, public assistance calls, and any number of other calls for service.

When not responding to in-progress calls, our officers actively patrol our community and conduct traffic enforcement . This activity serves to increase our visibility and thusly reduce opportunities for criminal activity.

Officers are also responsible for conducting the bulk of their own investigations when appropriate. When a case’s complexity dictates, officers assist members of our Criminal Investigation Division who investigate major felony crime