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GIS Data Download
All data is in the New Mexico State Plane-Central Zone, Feet (NAD 83) projection and can be downloaded in ESRI shapefile format or as a KMZ file (compressed KML).  *This table is updated biannually in January and July.
  • KMZ files can be viewed in ArcGIS Explorer or Google Earth.

DISCLAIMER:  This table contains data from multiple sources and should be used for reference purposes only.  While the City actively strives to improve the quality of its GIS data, the City cannot ensure accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the information contained within.

 Layer Name Description Shapefile KMZ file
Bike Paths Bike trails, lanes, and routes. Bike Paths Bike Paths
City Council  City Council districts. Council Council
Contours 2 foot contour data for Rio Rancho. Contours Not Available
Municipal Limits Rio Rancho City Boundary. Boundaries Boundaries
Neighborhood Associations Neighborhood Associations within the City. Neighborhoods Neighborhoods
Parcels Parcels.  City-wide extent. Parcels Parcels
Parks City Parks. Parks Parks
Postal Quadrants City Postal Quadrants (NW, NE, SE, SW). Quadrants Quadrants
Streets Street center lines with address range.  City-wide extent. Streets Streets
Zip Codes ZIP Codes. ZIP Codes ZIP Codes
Zoning Zoning designations.  City-wide extent. Zoning Zoning
Zoning (Overlay) Overlay zoning designations.  City-wide extent. Overlay Zoning Overlay Zoning

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