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Report Rio Rancho Frequently Asked Questions
Listed below are the FAQs for the Report Rio Rancho application. Please pick the sub-category that your question is in. Click on the question to see the answer.  Please remember that the City will work to resolve your service request as soon as possible.

Online Application:

Mobile Application:


Online Application:

1. Should I submit emergencies using Report Rio Rancho?
  • No.  Although Report Rio Rancho is a great tool for most requests, it isn't intended for reporting emergency issues that need to be addressed immediately.  If the issue you are reporting is a public safety emergency, please call 911.  If the issue you are reporting is a water or sewer emergency, please call (505) 975-1581.  For traffic signal emergencies call (505) 896-7300.

2. Can I enter a service request anonymously?
  • No.  The contact information provided for the service request is used to give you updates on your request as it goes through its process.

3. Is my information accessible by the public once I submit a service request?
  • Yes.  The information you provide to the City under a service request is subject to the Inspection of Public Records Act (IPRA).

4. How is my contact information stored?
  • The contact information you provide is only linked to the service request that you submit.  The contact information is used to give you updates on the request submitted only.

5. Can I enter a service request without adding a photo?
  • Yes.  Although a photo can assist with understanding and specifying the service request.

6. Can I use my digital camera to file a new report?
  • Yes.  You will need to upload the digital photos onto your computer and then link to them using the Browse button on the Make a Service Request page.

7. Does the application work for service requests outside of the City limits?
  • No.  The Report Rio Rancho application and online service request system is designed specifically for the City of Rio Rancho issues and requests.  However, the application is powered by a program called CitySourced, which provides tools and services for locations across the country.  To learn more about their other mobile and online reporting tools, visit CitySourced.com.

Mobile Application:

1. Can I enter a service request anonymously on my mobile device?
  • Yes.  Users may submit reports anonymously by going to the Settings menu in the More tab, and checking the box marked Report Anonymously

2. How is my information stored when using my mobile device?
  • The mobile application prompts a user to provide First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.  A user only has to provide this information once and it is then stored within the application.  Any information, such as personal information or location is only used for reporting purposes.  CitySourced, the application that powers Report Rio Rancho, states that they will never sell your information for commercial purposes.

3. Is my information accessible by the public once I submit a service request?
  • Yes.  Just like the online application, the information you provide to the City under a service request is subject to the Inspection of Public Records Act (IPRA).

4. Does Report Rio Rancho track my location?
  • Whenever you open and interact with the Report Rio Rancho application on your mobile device, the location information from your mobile device is used to tailor the experience to your current location.  This information is NOT published or shared with others.  The application saves that specific location information until the next time you do something in the application, at which time the old location information is deleted from your mobile device and replaced with your most recent location information.  Your location data is only shared when you decide to proactively report an issue. 

5. Does Report Rio Rancho use either Short Message Service (SMS) or Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) to transfer information?
  • No.  The application only uses the data service provided by your mobile carrier.  The data sent per report is, on average, much less than your average web page.

6. Can I create a new service request using my tablet device?
  • Yes.  However, some tablet devices do not have a true GPS and instead use Wi-Fi triangulation, which pulls location based on the number of mapped Wi-Fi hotspots. This setup can result in less accurate location information in certain areas.  Always before submitting a report, a user must confirm the location.  During this step, the user can correct inaccurate location information captured by the device hardware.

7. What happens if I do not have cell service or coverage but want to make a service request?
  • Cell service is required to submit a request using the mobile application.  However, the mobile application allows users to store reports and send them once mobile access is restored.

8. What if the GPS malfunctions?
  • The Global Positioning System (GPS) units in phones can vary in their speed and accuracy.  Generally newer phones have no problem locking in to a GPS signal.  However GPS is usually best when you have line of sight to a sky.  Therefore, you may have problems with GPS when inside buildings with certain devices.  However, the application supports offline reporting and manually entering your location.  Therefore, a poor GPS signal will not prevent you from submitting a report.

9. Can users be removed from the system for abuse?
  • Yes.  Users that are abusing the system by uploading inappropriate content can be blacklisted.