Prescription Trails

The Rio Rancho Prescription Trails Program Provides prescriptions for walking and wheelchair rolling and a walking guide that suggests routes in our community targeting and promoting healthy lifestyles for individuals and families (& pets,too).

This guide will help you find some of the park and trail walking paths in Rio Rancho.

Prescription Trails Map
Please review a dynamic map of all of the Prescription Trails in Rio Rancho.

How to Use This Guide

Maps with information about each walking route are organized by neighborhood.


Trails are identified and graded according to their level of difficulty. Most are loops that go around a park.

Grade 1 - Fully accessible to all users. A flat, paved pathway located in or around a park that is suitable for wheelchairs.

Grade 2 - Mostly accessible. A paved or packed crusher fine pathway that may have minor grade changes.

Grade 3 - Slightly challenging. A paved, packed crusher fine or dirt pathway with variations in grade.

It's never too late to get up and get moving! How much activity should you get? The Dietary guidelines for Americans say that most adults should be physically active on a moderately intensive level for 30 minutes most days of the week. Breaking up a period into 10-to 15- minutes segments works fine!

Other Information Provided:

  • Walking route length in fractions of a mile and number of footsteps.
  • Nearby public facilities - community center, library police station
  • Nearby general and handicap accessible parking
  • Lighting at the sites and hours
  • Attractions, including recreational facilities, visibility, views

Walking Tips

  • Think of your walk in three parts. Warm up by walking slowly for 5 minutes. Then, increase your speed and do a fast walk. Finally, cool down by walking slowly again for 5 minutes.
  • Do light stretching after your warm-up and cool-down.
  • Try to walk at least three times per week. Each week, add two or three minutes to your walk. If you walk less than three times per week, you may need more time to adjust before you increase the pace or frequency of your walk.
  • To avoid stiff or sore muscles and joints, start gradually. Over several weeks, begin walking faster, going further, and walking for longer periods of time.
  • Stay hydrated, bring water to drink during your walking activity, and make sure to bring water for your pet too.
  • If you tighten your stomach muscles and swing your arms while you walk, you will work more muscle groups and burn more calories in the same distance and time.
  • Invest in some good walking shoes; with proper arch supports, firm heels, and thick flexible soles that will cushion your feet and absorb shock. Quality walking shoes will help protect your feet.
  • Make sure that your socks are clean, dry and fit properly, otherwise blisters, rashes, and calluses can develop. Your socks are at least as important as your shoes.
  • Be sure to use sunscreen on all exposed skin when you are outdoors. People can burn just as badly on an overcast day, so make it a habit every time you walk.
  • Wear clothing that will keep you dry and comfortable. Look for synthetic fabrics that absorb sweat and remove it from your skin.
  • For extra warmth in winter, wear a knit cap. To stay cool in the summer, wear a baseball cap or visor.
  • Invest in a pedometer. Using a pedometer is a great way to track your steps and monitor your progress.
  • Most of our area parks are animal friendly, so bring your dog (on a leash of course) with you. Your furry friend will love the exercise and companionship, and you will find your enjoy your walks more than you did before.
  • Set goals and rewards, Examples of goals are participating in a fun walk or walking continuously for 30 minutes.
  • The more you walk, the better you may feel and the more calories you may burn.
  • Walk at a pace that is comfortable for you. Walk fast enough to break a light sweat and slowly enough to have a conversation.
  • If you are 65 or older, or you are younger and have a medical condition, you can judge whether you are walking at a level of moderate intensity if your effort feels like 5 or 6 on a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 is the level of effort of sitting, and 10 is maximum effort.
  • Keep track of your progress with a walking journal or log. Example Walking Log
  • Experts recommend 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity on most, if not all, days of the week. If you cannot do 30 minutes at a time, try walking for shorter amounts and gradually working up to it.
“Of all exercises walking is the best.”
Thomas Jefferson

Safety Tips

Walking is a great way to improve your fitness level and stay healthy. Before you go, make sure you read the following safety tips:
  • Walk with a buddy. Walking with a buddy not only makes exercise more enjoyable, but there is also safety in numbers.
  • Always tell someone were you are going and what time you expect to return from walking.
  • During the summer months, walk early in the morning or in the evening to avoid the extreme mid-day heat.
  • If you walk at dawn, dusk or night, wear a reflective vest or brightly colored clothing.
  • Carry water and a cell phone with you while you walk.
  • Do not wear jewelry.
  • Do not wear headphones, or if you must have the volume to a minimum so that you’re are able to hear what is going on around you.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.

City Council Districts

District 1

Rainbow Park
Star Heights Park
Sugar Park

District 2

Big Brothers Big Sisters
Canyon Park
Cielo Vista Park
Clayton Meadows Park
Havasu Park
King Meadows Park
Los Montoyas Park
North Hills Park
Sierra Norte Park
Zia Park

District 3

Enchanted Hills Park
Mountain View Park
Vista Grande Park

District 4

Leon Grande
Loma Colorado
Rio Rancho High School Track
Rio Rancho Sports Complex
Veterans Memorial Park
Vista Sandia Park

District 5

Alpine Xeriscape Park
Cabezon Park
Chianti Park
Clearview Park
Haynes Park
Roadrunner Park
Veja Baja Park

District 6

Enchanted Hills Soccer Field
High Range Park
Los Rios Trail
North Beach Bosque Trail
Olympus Park
Rio Vista Park
Trailhead Park
Vista Hills Park
Willow Creek Bosque Trail