Report Rio Rancho

Report Rio Rancho is an online and mobile service request system for the City of Rio Rancho. Report Rio Rancho allows residents and businesses to identify issues and report those service requests directly to the City.
  • For a public safety emergency: 911.
  • For a water or sewer emergency: (505) 975-1581.
  • For traffic signal emergency: (505) 896-7300.
  • For a non-emergency police issue: (505) 891-7226.
The City will work to resolve the issue, on all report types, as soon as possible. Please follow the directions below to submit your service request.

Please note that Microsoft is no longer providing security updates for older versions of Internet Explorer; therefore, Report Rio Rancho will not run securely on Internet Explorer 8 as of January 1, 2017.

Make a Service Request: