Advanced Water Treatment Facility Phase 3

Project Manager: Stephanie DuBois
Office Phone: (505) 896-8776
Contract Company: RMCI, Inc.
Cost: $ 3,314,017.13
Stage: Construction
Schedule: April 2016 - May 2017
The Advanced Water Treatment Facility is located on Stapleton Avenue and is part of the City’s water conservation and management program, which seeks to ensure a safe and sustainable water supply. To ensure the City's water future, the City is seeking more efficient means of utilizing all available water resources. This project helps to replenish the aquifer and to minimize the need to discharge recycled water to the Rio Grande. The City of Rio Rancho is funding this project through the New Mexico Finance Authority (NMFA) Water Trust Board loan and grant funding, which requires a 20% match from City funds.

The construction phase will include installation of advanced oxidation treatment equipment, retrofitting the direct injection Well for routing backwash operations, completion of controls, and associated site improvements to direct inject high-quality recycled water into the aquifer.

What is Advanced Oxidation Treatment? Advanced oxidation is a chemical treatment process designed to remove organic materials in wastewater through ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and/or ultra-violet light. The advanced oxidation procedure (AOP) is particularly useful for cleaning biologically toxic or non-degradable materials such as aromatics, pesticides, petroleum constituents, and volatile organic compounds in waste water. Additionally, AOPs can be used to treat effluent of secondary treated wastewater which is then called tertiary treatment. The contaminant materials are converted to a large extent into stable inorganic compounds such as water, carbon dioxide and salts (i.e. they undergo mineralization). A goal of the waste water purification by means of AOP procedures is the reduction of the chemical contaminants and the toxicity to such an extent that the cleaned wastewater may be reintroduced into receiving streams, into a conventional sewage treatment, or direct injected into the aquifer.

Additional Information:

Status Log:

  • March 2017: All equipment has been installed and wired. Performance testing will begin in early April.

  • February 2017: RMCI is installing the piping for the degasser system and the electrical subcontractor is pouring concrete pads around the fiber conduit pull boxes.

  • January 2017: Electrical conduit is being installed to each treatment component.

  • December 2016: Advanced Oxidation Treatment equipment has arrived. The equipment pad is being prepared for the skid unit to be installed.

  • November 2016: RMCI is installing backwash and transfer pumps. Advanced oxidation treatment equipment is scheduled to arrive the end of December.

  • October 2016: RMCI is continuing to install the process equipment and buffer tank.

  • September 2016: RMCI has begun installing equipment and process piping.

  • August 2016: Delivery of the equipment has begun. RMCI is beginning mobilization in September.

  • July 2016: Pilot testing of the effluent water at Wastewater Treatment Plant 6 has been completed. Delivery of partial treatment equipment will begin.

  • June 2016: Cammering of the Well is recommencing and the Pilot Trailer testing will begin. Final Acceptance and Closeout of the project is scheduled for April 2017.

  • April 2016: Notice to Proceed issued for Construction to RMCI, Inc. Construction schedule is determined to be approximately 335 calendar days.
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