Rio Rancho Pure--New Mexico's first Aquifer Injection Project

RR PureHow we use water, where it comes from, and how to sustain our water resources are just a few of the questions the City of Rio Rancho faces on a daily basis. There is not an endless supply of water, so we need to think about ways to conserve and look into alternative ways to make sure we do not run out. The City of Rio Rancho is doing just that. Rio Rancho is the first City permitted in the State of New Mexico to replenish groundwater by putting water back into the aquifer.

Since 2001, the City of Rio Rancho has been working to expand its water resources. The Aquifer Injection Project, the first of its kind in New Mexico, allows the City to inject purified water back into the aquifer and store it for future use. From inception to date, the cost to bring this project online has been approximately $25 million stemming from a variety of sources over the years. This water recharges the aquifer to maintain it as a drinking water source now and for future generations. 

Follow the link to view full history of the Aquifer Injection Project - Injection Newsletter PDF

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Calgon - Aquifer Injection project
Adv. Oxidation Process Unit
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