Neighborhood Streets Project Phase 1

2017 Roadways

Roadway Name -- Status      
4th Street SW -- Crack Seal May Clearwater Loop -- Crack Seal May Orinoco Drive -- Complete Trail Side Road -- Currently in Repair
Albany Hills Drive -- Complete Concord Hills Loop -- Complete Pattys Place -- Crack Seal May Waterfall Drive -- Complete
Applewood Park Drive -- Complete Coventry Hills Drive -- Complete Penasco Road -- Complete Western Hills Drive -- Crack Seal May
Archibeque Avenue -- Complete Dennison Park Loop -- Complete Platina Court -- Complete White Horse Drive -- Crack Seal May
Ashkirk Loop -- Complete Dillon Road -- Complete Platina Road -- Complete Whitewater Drive -- Crack Seal May
Ashkirk Place -- Complete Doral Park Road -- Complete Platinum Drive -- Crack Seal May Wilkes Way -- Crack Seal May
Aspen Meadows Drive -- Complete Dundee Way -- Complete Platinum Loop -- Crack Seal May  
Bahama Drive -- Complete Foxwood Trail -- Crack Seal May Regency Park Road -- Complete  
Bermuda Drive -- Complete Fraser Drive -- Complete Rhein Drive -- Complete  
Bismark Hills Way -- Complete Freemont Hills Loop -- Complete Saddlewood Trail -- Crack Seal May  
Cabot Hills Court -- Complete Gallinas Road -- Complete San Pedro Road -- Complete  
Calle Suenos -- Currently in Repair Glen Hills Drive -- Crack Seal May Santa Fe Hills Way -- Complete  
Canadian Goose Road -- Complete Havasu Falls Street -- Complete Sara Way -- Crack Seal May  
Canvasback Court -- Crack Seal May Inverness Drive -- Complete Sava Drive -- Complete  
Cathie Trail -- Crack Seal May Madeira Drive -- Complete Shiloh Road -- Complete  
Chicoma Road -- Complete Minturn Court -- Complete Talon Court -- Complete  
Cibola Drive -- Complete Minturn Loop -- Complete Talon Drive -- Complete  
Clear Creek Place -- Complete Monticello Park Drive -- Complete Terrace Drive -- Crack Seal May  
Clear Creek Road -- Complete Nyasa Road -- Complete Tiffany Lane -- Crack Seal May  

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