Collection Agency

The Rio Rancho Public Libraries do not have daily overdue fees.  However, when items are excessively overdue the item will be billed to the customer’s account and the account may be sent to a collection agency.  Referring the account to the collection agency only occurs after multiple notices have been sent by the library and is an effort to recover library materials.  Once library materials are returned, the bill for their replacement is waived.

When accounts are referred to a collection agency there will be a $15 fee added to the patron’s account.  This cost is for the collection agency service and is non-negotiable.

When items are overdue the library sends multiple notices, including 3 days prior to the due date and 14 days following the due date.  If an item is 42 days overdue the account is referred to the collection agency.

Upon the account being referred, the collection agency will pursue the return of library materials according to its notification schedule.  If after 120 days the patron has not settled the account it will be reported to the three major credit reporting agencies.