Proclamations and Certificates of Recognition

Proclamations or certificates of recognition may be issued by the Mayor to recognize Rio Rancho citizens or organizations for outstanding accomplishments or noteworthy occasions. Requests are considered by the Mayor's office on a case-by-case basis dependent on their significance to the City of Rio Rancho and/or its residents. 

Individuals, organizations, and events that do not live in or take place in Rio Rancho are not eligible for proclamations or certificates. National or regional events are eligible if there is a Rio Rancho chapter of an organization or partner. 

The Mayor and City of Rio Rancho staff reserve the right to modify or edit any proclamation or certificate of recognition and to deny any request.


Requests for proclamations and certificates of recognition will be accepted from Rio Rancho residents only

The Mayor will issue a proclamation or a certificate for:

  • A local or City of Rio Rancho event;
  • Community service organizations located in Rio Rancho;
  • Events that are historically significant;
  • Achievements associated with local schools or organizations;
  • Special honors for citizens, military members, or first responders. 

**The Mayor will not recognize any group whose policies advocate violence, hatred, or any other position contrary to the well being of the citizens of Rio Rancho or the quality of life in Rio Rancho. Proclamations will not be issued as a part of an advertisement or commercial promotion. Proclamations will not be issued for any matter with potential political controversy or that may suggest an official City position on a matter under consideration or to be voted upon by the Governing Body.**

Proclamations are often read at Governing Body meetings, which typically take place on the second and fourth Thursday of each month. If you would like your proclamation read and presented at a Governing Body meeting, there must be at least one representative in attendance to accept it. You may also pick up your proclamation or certificate at City Hall in the Mayor's office or request that a copy be emailed to you. 

Requesting a Proclamation or Certificate of Recognition

Proclamation Request 

City of Rio Rancho Office of the Mayor

3200 Civic Center Circle NE

Rio Rancho, NM 87144