Special Olympics

The Rio Rancho Rockets first participated in the Special Olympics in 1999 with fifteen athletes enrolled.

Today, there are currently more than 120 active athletes involved in the program. The athletes compete successfully in nine sports: poly-hockey, bowling, gymnastics, track and field, aquatics, bocce, basketball, volleyball and golf.

Special Olympics not only offers opportunity, but hope. It not only provides training and competition, but also confidence and skill. It not only creates a place to go, but a culture of welcome.

Special Olympics gives children and adults a chance to feel better about themselves. It gives their families a chance to feel pride. It gives their community a reason to rally. The athletes experience positive values, the joy of participating, the challenge of competing, the thrill of winning, fellowship with their peers in a wholesome setting, recognition and compassion from adults, and a sense of worth.

ALL SORR coaches are volunteers, there is no paid staff. New coaches and volunteers are always welcome. If you know of any who might qualify for this program, please encourage him/her to call Nutan Patel, SORR coordinator at (505) 896-1164, or Debbie Torres at (505) 892-8744.