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National Library Outreach Day, April 7outreach

Every year the American Library Association observes National Library Outreach Day on April 7 as part of National Library Week.  Rio Rancho Public Libraries makes outreach a regular part of our mission and is always looking for new and innovative ways to reach those out in the community.

The library has many ways to enhance people’s lives.  From offering the latest bestseller to that esoteric documentary you’ve heard about, the library strives to be relevant to its users. 

But what about the people who don’t come to the library?  What about those who don’t even realize Rio Rancho has a public library?  What about those who aren’t able to make it to the library?  We value our regular customers, but we also want to reach those users whose lives we can enhance, even though they haven’t figured that out yet.  One of the ways we try to make contact with these people is through outreach.

Before the pandemic took hold of our society, we had regular outreach each month.  Some of the places we went to were hospitals, senior living facilities, and City government offices.  We took our laptop, literature about activities sponsored by the library, bookmarks, pens, and anything else we could load into our little rolling cart.  We set up our table and greeted and talked to those who passed by.  It was nice to meet some of the people from the community and inform them about our eBooks and other downloadable or online resources, where they didn’t even need to come into the library to benefit from our services.  It was fun to take our little library-on-wheels to annual events such as the Pork & Brew in July and the Mayor’s Sunday Is Fun Day in August.  Whenever someone called us to ask us if we wanted to take part in some fun event like this, we were always ready with our little rolling cart.

Before the pandemic, we also held regular programs at the library, but since that hasn’t been possible recently, most of our programs are being held online through Zoom.  This makes it possible for people to attend without ever having to leave their homes and the librarians or guest lecturers can present using their own computers.  This process creates its own type of outreach.

The children’s and teen librarians also do a lot outreach.  They regularly visit schools and conduct storytimes online.  By acquainting children with libraries at a young age, we hope they will become lifelong library users.

Although outreach activities have been curtailed during the COVID-19 pandemic, we can’t wait for the day when we can once again reach people out in the community.  Until then, place those holds on our items, wait for the email telling you your items are ready, and come into the library to pick them up.  See you soon!