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Doris and Eleanor Preview the 2021 Grammy Awards

 “Doris! Thank you for calling! How are you doing?” 

“Eleanor! I’m so glad I caught you! I thought I’d give you a call before I go to mahjong this afternoon.” 

“Well, Doris, I have to say that I’m a little upset. I just read that the Grammy Awards have been postponed. That awards show is the only three hours of the year I pay any attention to the contemporary popular music. And this year, I read the nominees list for the Album of the Year category and used my library here in Rio Rancho to listen to them all ahead of time – so I could have a favorite, you know.” 

“Oh, Eleanor, I remember how much you used to love music. Remember when we used to go to all the dances at the Elks Lodge? Remember, that’s where I met Jim?” 

“I do, Doris. What a blast those used to be!” 

“I have to say, Eleanor, I’m really impressed that you listen to all of those new records. Your library really has access to all of that music?” 

“Oh yes! The Rio Rancho Public Libraries offers a service called Freegal, which allows access to a ton of music that can be streamed and even downloaded. Also, we get Hoopla, which has music, movies, ebooks, and e-audiobooks. And, of course, they still carry physical CDs.” 

“Wow, Eleanor, you’ve got a really great library out there in New Mexico! And I can’t believe you listened to all of those records! Well, who do you think will win?” 

“Well, I think Taylor Swift is going to win the award. Folklore is a very good record which captures the ambiance of the springtime quarantine. And I like that Taylor is leaning back towards her country roots. She put out a very good record and she is the biggest star in the music industry right now, so I’m pretty sure she is going to win the award. 

“However, Women in Music Pt. III by HAIM is probably the best album nominated. Doris, the band is three sisters, playing perfect pop music, drawing from a number of influences, but keeping it subtle. Those young women are wonderful. The record just feels great. I loved it.” 

“Of course I know Taylor Swift. I remember my granddaughter going on and on about her a couple years ago. But I’ve never heard of HAIM.” 

“Oh Doris, you should ask your library if they carry their CD. Then share it with your granddaughter. If nothing else, you’ll get some cool points.” 

“Who’s that young man I see in the Doritos commercial? You know the one with all the tattoos on his face? My grandson has told me about him. Is he nominated for anything?” 

“Oh yes. That’s Post Malone, Doris. I’ve seen that Doritos commercial, too. He’s wearing a ‘Post Limon’ rhinestone jacket. He has brought us the hip-hop version on yacht rock. I learned all about yacht rock when I used my library membership to listen to a New York Times podcast about it. And like what I learned about yacht rock, Hollywood’s Bleeding is borrowed from Black culture, often smooth, and even occasionally cool, but he’s a giant star right now, so a nomination should be expected. 

“Now, Doris, the Black Pumas are great. Those young men are smooth. And I’ll tell you what, Chilombo by Jhene Aiko is one to listen to twice.

 “What about Coldplay, Eleanor? I remember they were all the rage not too long ago, but I haven’t heard much from their direction at all recently.” 

“Funny you should ask, Doris. Their record, Everyday Lifehas been nominated for Album of the Year. It’s fine. Remember, I mentioned how HAIM pulled from a lot of influences? Well, so did Coldplay on this record, just they were less cool about it. It’s fine though, Coldplay’s a good band. Everyday Life is worth a listen, I’m just not sure if it’s Album of the Year caliber.”  

“That really went under the radar, huh, Eleanor? I hadn’t heard anything about them for a while. And for a while, I heard everything about them.” 

“I know, Doris. It was all kind of strange. But let me tell you about the last two – I know you have mahjong to get to.” 

“Okay, Eleanor. I know you love music. I’m kind of surprised you only keep up with the Grammy awards. Especially with everything your library in Rio Rancho offers you.”  

“You know, you’re right. I think I have my New Year’s resolution – listen to more new music. Thank you, Doris.

“Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia is a fun dance record. It kind of reminds me of the old disco days. Remember those times, Doris? What a blast! And I have to honest, I had never heard of Jesse Collier or his Djesse Vol. 3 before the nominations, but it is interesting. I’m glad I took the time to listen to it – to dive a little into a new genre.” 

“Wow, Eleanor! Thank you for all of that information. Now I’ll know a little something as I’m watching the Grammys whenever they get to hold them. And the grandkids will be impressed. But, I’ve got to run to mahjong. I’ll give the ladies your love.”