Aeration Basin Cleanout Project

Project Manager: Stephanie Dubois
Office Phone: (505) 896-8776
Contract Company: AUI, Inc.
Cost: $1 million
Stage: Construction and cleanout
Schedule: June 13, 2022-October 2022

The City of Rio Rancho is contracting with AUI, Inc. for the removal , disposal, and hauling of wastewater grit, sludge, and sediment from the existing Wastewater Treatment Plant 2 north aeration basins located at 100 Industrial Park Loop. This maintenance operation is necessary every 10-15 years to clean out the basins of excess debris and perform repairs to the basin equipment.

Construction at the site is expected to commence on June 13, 2022 with a construction time-frame of no more than 120-calendar days.

During the first several weeks of the construction contract, citizens working/living in the area may experience intermittent strong odors emanating from the plant site.