Summer  2019 League Standings

Friday Men's League Lower Division 

 (Updated 7/21/2019)
Friday Men's League Lower Standings | Friday Men's League Lower Scores

Friday Men's League Upper Division 

 (Updated 7/21/2019)
Friday Men's League Upper Standings | Friday Men's League Upper Scores

Sunday Coed League Lower  

(Updated 7/14/2019)
Sunday Coed League Lower Standings | Sunday Coed League Lower Scores

Sunday Coed League Upper  

(Updated 7/14/2019)
Sunday Coed League Upper Standings | Sunday Coed League Upper Scores

Sunday Men's League Lower Division

 (Updated 7/14/2019)
Sunday Men's League Lower Standings | Sunday Men's League Lower Scores

Sunday Men's League Upper Division 

 (Updated 7/14/2019)
Sunday Men's League Upper Standings | Sunday Men's League Upper Scores

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