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Grab & Go Book Bags: Ages 6-12

  1. Do you miss browsing the library shelves for great children's books? We're here to help! Tell us about what you're looking for and our librarians will personally select up to 6 books for you to check out.
  2. This form is for children ages 6-12. To request books for another age group, use one of the forms below.
  3. You will receive an automatic notice from the library when your books are ready for you. Once you have been notified that your items are ready for pickup, come to the library you selected any time during open hours to pick up your bag.
  4. You will use this card number to check out your book bag.
  5. What format(s) would you like?*
    Please choose at least one format.
  6. Fiction or Nonfiction?*
    As a reminder, fiction refers to made up or imaginary stories. Nonfiction covers real facts, events, or people.
  7. Favorite Genres & Topics
    Stumped? Choose from these popular genres and topics and we'll pick out some of our favorites!
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