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RRPL E Resource Library Card Application

  1. Library Card Privacy Act
    In accordance with New Mexico Library Privacy Act (NMSA 1978 18-9-1 to 18-9-6) the library will keep all individual customer information confidential. Parents needing information about their child's account must have the child's card with them.

  3. To get card's for your children please complete the following.
  4. Full name
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Full name
  7. Date of Birth
  8. If different from above

  9. Email address used for library communication only
  10. Hold Notification*
    Please notify me of my holds and overdue materials by: (if choosing phone please enter a 505 number)
  11. Legal Information
    By signing and submitting this form electronically I accept financial responsibility for all materials checked out on this card with or without my consent, and for all fees incurred in the use of this card. I understand that the library uses a collection agency to encourage patrons with overdue materials to return them and that the cost of this service will be passed on to me if my account is referred to the collection agency. I certify that all information given is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge.
  12. If signing for a minor
    I understand that I am responsible for monitoring the materials checked out by this/these child/children. I understand that I am financially responsible for those materials. Parents and legal guardians retain the responsibility to monitor or restrict their child's access to library materials. Additional information on library policies can be found on the library website.
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