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Art Exhibit Interest Form

  1. Has your art been exhibited at either Rio Rancho Library within the last 24 months?*
  2. Is your art able to hang using a Walker Hanging System?*
  3. Description of Proposed Exhibit
  4. Instructions

    Upon the library receiving your interest form you will be asked to provide 3 images of artwork which is most representative of your proposed exhibit and accept the statement giving Rio Rancho Libraries permission to use the images in our marketing campaign should we accept your proposal. Thank you for your kind cooperation. Pease note that a digital image of all works displayed will be required before show set up.

  5. I give Rio Rancho Public Libraries permission to use images of my work in their marketing campaign should they accept my proposal. Images must be part of the actual exhibit.*
  6. If you are interested in teaching a free art class in conjunction with your exhibit let us know what you would teach. The library will provide supplies for the class, limited to 8 people.

  7. Terms and Conditions*

    I have read the Rio Rancho Public Library art exhibit guidelines (, and agree to comply with all conditions.

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