2017-2022 Strategic Plan

On August 9, 2017, the Governing Body formally adopted a Strategic Plan for 2017-2022.

View the 2019 amended plan (searchable PDF).

View August 2018 plan progress report and meeting follow-up summary (searchable PDFs).

View September 2019 plan progress report (searchable PDF).

View October 2020 plan progress report (searchable PDF).

View September 2021 plan progress report (searchable PDF).

View September 2022 plan progress report (searchable PDF).

The plan states local government's vision, mission statement and core values.  In addition, areas of focus with goals and objectives are identified.

Strategic Plan Update 

The City of Rio Rancho is updating its 5-year Strategic Plan document.

A variety of input sources will be used for Strategic Plan update purposes, which include community members, the Governing Body (Mayor and City Council), City staff, City board/commission/committee members, and local entities.  It is anticipated that the Governing Body will formally consider an updated Strategic Plan document in 2023.

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