What is pavement maintenance?

Pavement Maintenance is performed to extend the life of the existing pavement and improve driving surfaces.  Full reconstruction only is needed when a roadway reaches the end of its lifecycle.  When cracks and potholes become major deficiencies, but full reconstruction is not warranted, then another method must be used to extend the lifecycle of the roadway.  One such method is surface seals such as microsurfacing.  These seals are not new pavement but a surface treatment to help protect the roadway from further weather deterioration.  Whereas, a mill and inlay is a method that removes the existing asphalt and then replaces the removed asphalt with new asphalt.  Both methods require underlying cracks and other deficiencies to be repaired before either method can be used, and both methods extend the lifecycle of the roadway by seven (7) to fifteen (15) years respectively.

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