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Home Request for Reconnection of Water

  1. Water Service Information

    I request the reconnection of water at the following address from the City of Rio Rancho (this is a HUD, Foreclosure, Repossessed Home, or Short Sale Property)

  2. Address, City, State, Zip

  3. For:*

  4. I will be present or have a responsible party present during the time of:*

  5. Applicant Information

  6. Ordinances

    Section 51.09 - Discontinuance, denying, and restoration of service: The utility reserves the right to schedule restoration of utility service on the day following payment of balance due.

  7. Acknowledgement and Signature

    I understand that if there is no one present during the time that I have requested the reconnection to be completed, I will have to call the office to re-schedule the reconnect. This may delay the reconnection to be completed on the next business day.

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