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Licensed Plumber Release for Reconnection Of Water

  1. Water Service Information
    By allowing the licensed plumber I take full responsibility for any damages to utility's equipment and I understand I shall be billed for all labor and material charges if damages occur.
  2. Address, City, State, Zip
  3. Applicant Information
  4. Ordinances:
  5. Section 51.09 - Discontinuance denying, and restoration of service: The utility reserves the right to schedule restoration of utility service on the day following payment of balance due.
  6. Section 51.19 - Metering: (A) Ownership of meters. (2)The customer shall not permit anyone except an agent of the utility or its lawfully authorized person... Any damages to the utility's equipment will be repaired or replaced by the utility, and the customer shall be billed for all labor and material charges
  7. Acknowledgement and Signature
    WE DO NOT WANT THE TO BE TURNED ON AT THIS TIME . PLEASE REMOVE ANY LOCKS FROM THE METER. I certify that a licensed plumber will turn on the water at this service address when inspections and/or repairs are completed. I agree to release the City of Rio Rancho of any liability due to flood or damage from turn on at the service address, and I agree to pay for any damages done to the meter , meter can, meter connection, and/or lid when water is turned on.
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