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Meter Application Commercial

  1. Instructions and Definitions
    1. This application is for commercial development only. 2. All services will be pending until a field inspection is completed. If a field inspection failed; the customer is required to pay the difference for the service. All services will be inspected by the City once installed. 3. Subdivision applications cannot be submitted for building permit or water meters/wastewater service prior to final acceptance of Utility Infrastructure. No approval for building permit will be allowed without a letter of availability from the Utility Operations Division. A copy of the Inspection Sheet from the City Utility Inspector must be submitted prior to release of water/wastewater request. 4. Customer must make sure that the address is clearly marked on the lot, and viewable from the road. 5. The following definitions are used in this application: a. Pro-Rata: If a pro-rata is due for water and wastewater then it must be paid along with impact fees.
  2. Applicant Information
  3. Address City, State, Zip
  4. Legal Description of Property
  5. Address, City, State, Zip
  6. Is the Road Paved?*
  7. Equipment and Systems
  8. Air Scrubber (Wet Scrubbing)*
  9. Aspirators*
  10. Autoclaves *
  11. Autopsy/Mortuary Tables*
  12. Auxillary Water Supply*
  13. Boiler Feed/Make Up Water*
  14. Can and Bottle Washing Machines *
  15. Car Washing Machines (Automatic Type)*
  16. Carbonators*
  17. Chemical Dispenser*
  18. Cookers (Steam, Pressure, Kettle)*
  19. Cooling Towers *
  20. Dental Vacuum Pump*
  21. Fire Sprinklers Systems (Water Based)*
  22. Heat Exchangers *
  23. Irrigation Systems*
  24. Kidney Dialysis Machine*
  25. Laboratory Equipment*
  26. Laundry Machines (Industrial, Commercial)*
  27. Photographic Film Processing Machines*
  28. Portable Cleaning Equipment*
  29. Pumps*
  30. Recycled Water Systems*
  31. Sewage Ejector*
  32. Solar Hot Water Systems*
  33. Tanks/Vats*
  34. Water Softner *
  35. Acknowledgement and Signature
    I certify that the information in this application is truthful and correct to the best of my knowledge.
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