Development Process Manual

Volume I Complete

(Volume I MS Word/Volume I PDF)

I. Introduction (I. Introduction MS Word/I. Introduction PDF)

I.1 Development Process Overview (I.1 Development Process Overview MS Word/I.1 Development Process Overview PDF)

I.2 Business Registration and Licensing (I.2 Business Registration and Licensing MS Word/I.2 Business Registration and Licensing PDF)

I.3 Starting the Process (I.3 Starting the Process MS Word/I.3 Starting the Process PDF)
  • The Development Review Committee Process
  • Development Review Committee Flow Chart
  • Development Review Committee Application and Checklist
I.4 Annexation – Expanding City Limits (I.4 Annexation MS Word/I.4 Annexation PDF)

I.5 Planning – Rio Rancho’s Future (I.5 Planning MS Word/I.5 Planning PDF)
  • Plan Amendments
  • Plan Amendment Process Flow Chart
I.6 Zoning – Determining Land Use (I.6 Zoning MS Word/I.6 Zoning PDF)
  • Allowed Uses
  • Conditional Use Permit Flow Chart
  • Conditional Use Permit Application and Checklist
  • Zone Change Requests
  • Zone Map Amendment Process Flow Chart
  • One Map Amendment Application and Checklist
I.7 Platting – The Subdivision of Land (I.7 Platting MS Word/I.7 Platting PDF)
  • The Platting Process
  • Platting Process Flow Chart
  • Platting Application and Checklist
  • Vacation of Plat
I.8 Impact Fees – Paying for Growth (I.8 Impact Fees MS Word/I.8 Impact Fees PDF)

I.9 Construction – Permitting Buildings (I.9 Construction MS Word/I.9 Construction PDF)
  • Residential Building Permit Process and Flow Chart
  • Residential Building Permit Application and Checklist
  • Commercial Building Permit Process and Flow Chart
  • Commercial Building Permit Application and Checklist
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Other Construction Permits
I.10 Construction – Infrastructure (I.10 Construction MS Word/I.10 Construction PDF)
  • Infrastructure Permits
I.11 Street – Addressing and Naming (I.11 Street MS Word/I.11 Street PDF)
  • Street Addressing/Naming Process and Checklist(s)
I.12 Administrative – Permits and Processes (I.12 Administrative MS Word/I.12 Administrative PDF)
  • Childcare
  • Community Residential Care
  • Curb Cut, Grading, Right-Of-Way
  • Fences, Walls, Accessory Structures (<= 120 sq.ft.)
  • Hobby Breeder
  • Home Occupation
  • Model Home/Sales Office
  • Signs
  • Wireless Telecommunication Facilities
  • Administrative Permits and Processes Summary
I.13 Notifications (I.13 Notifications MS Word/I.13 Notifications PDF)

I.14 Variances (I.14 Variances MS Word/I.14 Variances PDF)

I.15 Appeals (I.15 Appeals MS Word/I.15 Appeals PDF)

Appendix (Appendix MS Word/Appendix PDF)


Volume II Complete

(Volume II MS Word/Volume II PDF)

II. Introduction (II. Introduction MS Word/II. Introduction PDF)

II.1 Recordable and Development Documents (II.1 Recordable and Development Documents MS Word/II.1 Recordable and Development Documents PDF)
  • Introduction
  • Plat Requirements
  • Checklist for Submittal of Preliminary/Bulk Plats
  • Checklist for Submittal of Final Plats
  • Grant of Drainage Easement
  • Appendix
II.2 Drainage, Flood Control and Erosion Control (II.2 Drainage, Flood Control and Erosion Control MS Word/II.2 Drainage, Flood Control and Erosion Control PDF)
  • Intent and Support Documents
  • Hydrology
  • Hydraulic Design
  • Channel Treatment Selection Guidelines
  • Design Grading and Erosion Control
  • Rights-of-Way and Easements
  • Procedures for Drainage Submittals
  • Supplementary Materials for Drainage Submittals
  • Miscellaneous
  • Storm Water Pollution Control
II.3 Transportation (II.3 Transportation MS Word/II.3 Transportation PDF)
  • Introduction
  • Transportation Planning
  • Design Procedure
  • Geometric Design Criteria
  • Intersections
  • Access to City of Rio Rancho Roadway System
  • Bicycle Facilities Guidelines
  • Landscaping
  • Appendix
II.4 Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Design (II.4 Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Design MS Word/II.4 Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Design PDF)
  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Utility Engineering Report
  • Water Distribution and Transmission Systems
  • Water Production Facilities
  • Wastewater Collection System
  • Appendix
II.5 Parks and Trails Design (II.5 Parks and Trails Design MS Word/II.5 Parks and Trails Design PDF)
  • Introduction
  • Design Guidelines
  • Standard Specifications
  • Fencing
  • Playground Structures
  • Park Amenities
  • Landscape Planting
  • Grass Sodding and Seeding
  • Irrigation Systems
II.5.1 Park and Trails Design – Appendix I (II.5.1 Park and Trails Design – Appendix I MS Word/II.5.1 Park and Trails Design – Appendix I PDF)

II.5.2 Park and Trails Design – Appendix II (II.5.2 Park and Trails Design – Appendix II MS Word/II.5.2 Park and Trails Design – Appendix II PDF)

II.6 Surveys and Permanent Monumentation (II.6 Surveys and Permanent Monumentation MS Word/II.6 Surveys and Permanent Monumentation PDF)
  • Introduction
  • Monumentation
  • Construction Surveys
  • Appendix
II.7 Submittal Requirements (II.7 Submittal Requirements MS Word/II.7 Submittal Requirements PDF)
  • Design Submittal Requirements
  • Construction Submittal Requirements
  • Time Limitation of Approval
  • Information for Plan Preparation
  • Plan Sheet Sequence
  • Storm Drain Plan Preparation - Reserved
  • Landscaping Plans
  • Matching into Existing Adjacent Improvements – Reserved
  • Right-of-Way Maps and Plans – Reserved
  • Roadway Cross Sections – Reserved
  • Report Format
  • CAD Standards
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