How to Use Report Rio Rancho on a Mobile Device

Report Rio Rancho is a free and intuitive online and mobile device application that allows residents and businesses of Rio Rancho to identify service requests and report them to the appropriate department in the City for resolution. The application is powered by CitySourced and uses your mobile device's global positioning system (GPS)* to automatically provide the issue's location, which simplifies the reporting process for residents, businesses, and City staff.


  1. Launch the application on your mobile device.
  2. Click Report an Issue on the home screen.
  3. Snap a picture of the issue.
  4. Click the Use, Attach, or Escape button, depending on your mobile device.
  5. Select an Issue Category.
  6. Write a Description of the service issue.
  7. Select Submit.

Tips for Using Report Rio Rancho:

  • Stay safe, it is illegal to text or type on handheld mobile devices (including website or application use) while driving in the State of New Mexico. If you text or type on handheld mobile devices while driving you can be subject to a citation and/or fine by the Police Department.
  • Be sure that the GPS feature on your device is turned on.
  • The mobile application works much better outdoors than it does indoors. This is especially true of Blackberries which rely heavily on satellite communications.
  • Most data plans allow for unlimited photos and incident submissions; check your plan.
  • Try to provide additional comments such as streets, cross-streets, or landmarks.
  • Avoid zooming in too far when taking the photograph. Try to include any identifying or distinguishing objects that are nearby.
  • Please do not submit duplicate requests with multiple photos. Submit the single best photo or ticket representing the issue and include comments for multiple tags.