What is Report Rio Rancho?

Report Rio Rancho is a multi platform solution for providing City of Rio Rancho residents and businesses access to a set of local government provided services.

Report Rio Rancho is a free and intuitive online and smartphone application that allows residents and businesses of Rio Rancho to identify quality of life and environmental issues; and report them to the appropriate department in the City for resolution. The application is powered by CitySourced and uses your smartphone's global positioning system (GPS)* to automatically provide the issue's location, which simplifies the reporting process for residents, businesses, and City staff.

Alternatively, requests can be submitted online by clicking on the Report Rio Rancho Home page link on the left hand sidebar. As with your smartphone, you can type in the issue's location or find it on the map by clicking, dragging, and dropping the dot onto the desired location. You can also add a photo to help specify your issue.

You can start today by clicking on the Downloads for Mobile Devices to download the application on your smartphone. Simply select your device, download and install.

*Please note that GPS and location services must be enabled on your device. Performance will vary between devices. Simply drag the pinpoint or map to refine the location on your smartphone.