Specialty Teams

Rio Rancho Fire and Rescue supports and staffs four specialty teams. Each team is comprised of firefighters who have obtained additional training and certifications to allow them to respond to and mitigate various emergencies, as well as assist with the internal needs of the department.

Wildland Strike Team 

Firefighters on this team receive specialty training in responding to fires that occur in forests, open spaces, and the urban/wildland interface. They operate fire trucks that are small, maneuverable, and capable to accessing areas without roads. They use tools, saws, and water pumps to extinguish fires in these areas. The team is also equipped and trained to use a bulldozer to help cut fire containment lines. The Wildland Strike Team is deployable across the state, region, and throughout the western United States. Costs for deployments are reimbursed by the state and federal governments.

Heavy Technical Rescue Team 

This unique team responds to technical rescue incidents, such as: swift-water rescue; structural collapse; wilderness search and rescue; high angle rescue; and trench collapse. RRFR’s team members are part of a regional response team, the Rio Grande Basin Technical Rescue Team, which is comprised of additional members from Sandoval County and Corrales Fire Departments. The team typically deploys throughout the City and in many areas of Sandoval County.

EMS Bike Team 

Members of this team receive training and certification through the International Police Mountain Bike Association and are utilized to provide medical coverage to special events throughout the city. Team members ride mountain bikes equipped with basic medical equipment. Their maneuverability allows them to gain access to patients in crowded locations, or event venues.

Peer Support Team 

Firefighters and EMS personnel are exposed to traumatic incidents throughout their careers. This exposure can create emotional stress on responders. The members of this team receive specialized training in helping colleagues process their feelings, as well as recognize common signs of stress which can create mental health disorders. A contracted clinical psychologist provides referral services, oversight, and training to the members.

SWTech Team