A Day Without Water

What would a day without water look like to you? What would it look like for your community? 

The City of Rio Rancho works continuously to provide safe drinking water for you, your neighbors, our community, hospitals, schools, businesses and first responders. The City has 11 wells currently in operation and diverts about 3,409,000,000 gallons a year to ensure our entire community has this precious resource at the turn of a faucet. 

How can you help?

As a community we can continue to conserve our resources by:

  • Replacing toilets--older toilets can use 3.5 gallons, new high efficiency toilets utilize 1.3 gallons. Replacing shower heads with high efficiency shower heads; an average shower can use 20 gallons
  • Replacing sprinkler heads, irrigation timers, and xeriscape conversion
  • Reporting leaks to the City by visiting www.rrnm.gov/leak 
  • The City offers rebates, please visit www.rrnm.gov/rebates for more details. 

Lets continue to conserve, so we don’t have to imagine a day without water!