Cabezon PID


The Cabezon Public Improvement District was established in 2004 by Resolution No. 105 (Enactment No. 04-103), for the purpose of financing a drainage channel and other related public improvements. The Cabezon PID includes Enhanced Services to fund the ongoing maintenance of the linear park and other landscaping in portions of the City’s rights-of-way along Cabezon Boulevard, Unser Boulevard (east side only), Westside Boulevard, Western Hills Road and Trailside. The Cabezon PID is the only Special Improvement District in Rio Rancho to utilize Enhanced Services. The District encompasses approximately 700 acres of land.

Formation Resolution

Notice of Information


The PID’s geographic boundaries are generally described as bounded to the south by Westside Boulevard, to the north by Southern Boulevard, to the west by Unser Boulevard and to the east by Golf Course Road.  


Steve Perkins,