Open Meetings Act Resolution/Policy


View the 2023/2024 resolution/policy (searchable PDF).  

Speaking at Governing Body Meetings

The Governing Body of the City of Rio Rancho encourages feedback from its residents. As such, pursuant to the Governing Body's Rules of Procedure (which may be viewed below), a "Public Forum" section is included on each regular meeting agenda. During this time, members of the public may address the Governing Body within the allotted time established by the Chair, which is typically three minutes.

It is required that you sign up with the City Clerk to be placed on Public Forum prior to the beginning of the meeting. In addition, if you wish to speak on an individual item appearing on the agenda, you may sign up with the City Clerk prior to the item being called. The Chair will typically allow up to three minutes for public comment on individual agenda items.

Additional information

View Governing Body Rules of Procedure

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