Swim Lessons

Rio Rancho Aquatics offers ongoing swim lessons throughout the year.

To register for swim lessons online please visit the Active Net registration site. The following are the locations for registering in person or over the phone; 

Rio Rancho Aquatic Center
Phone: (505) 891-5230
745 Loma Colorado Blvd. 
Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87144

City or Rio Rancho 
Parks, Recreation and Community Services
Phone: (505) 891-5015 
3200 Civic Center Circle NE, Suite 100
Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87144

Class Descriptions

Parent and Tot (Ages 6 months to 3 years): Parent must accompany children the water. Goals include water adjustment, getting in/out, doggie paddle and safety skills.

Tadpoles (Preschool - Ages 3 to 5): Students learn basic water skills, water acclimation, submerging, breath control, and safety skills/rules on their own.

Sea Shells (Early beginners - Ages 4 to 7): Students learn basic water skills, floating, submerging, breath holding, safety skills, and rules.

Sea Horses (Beginner - Ages 4 to 7): Students learn beginning techniques of front crawl stroke, how to use a kick board, jumping in, safety skills, and rules.

Sunfish (Beginner Intermediate - Ages 5 to 9): Students work on front crawl stroke emphasizing kicking, breathing, and arm stroke technique, safety skills, recovery after falling in deep water, and water safety tips.

Sting Rays (Intermediate - Ages 6 to 10): Students review and improve on front crawl and learn backstroke; introduced to deeper water, safety skills and rules.

Barracudas (Advanced Intermediate - Ages 7 to 12): Students review backstroke and front crawl skills. Large emphasis on safety, how to start dive, and by the end of class the ability should be achieved to swim 25 yards of front crawl.

Dolphins (Pre-Swim Team - Ages 8 and up): Students review strokes, learn

elementary backstroke, breaststroke and underwater swimming.

The Adult Class is designed for anyone 12 and up who wants to learn to swim for the first time and would like to learn basic swimming techniques. The class will be tailored for each individual and is right for any adult who has the desire to learn, even those who may have a fear of the water. Safety skills are also included.

*Participants must fall in the age range and successfully complete each previous level to advance to next class. If you feel your child needs an individual evaluation to advance to the next level, please contact Jennifer Johnson by e-mail at jjohnson@rrnm.gov or by phone at (505) 891-5232.