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Utilities Forms

  1. Annual Meter Reading Form

    Allows property owners or tenants to submit they meter reading.

  2. Commercial Application

    Complete this form to apply for Water/Wastewater Service for your business.

  3. E-Billing Request Form

    This form allows you to enroll in paperless billing.

  4. Home Request for Reconnection of Water

    Fill out in addition to the Residential/Commercial Application if you want to be present when the water is turned on. Or if your house... More…

  5. Licensed Plumber Release for Reconnection Of Water

    For Property Managers Realtors, or Agent only. To turn on the water.

  6. Meter Application Residential

    If you are building a new house and need to apply for a water meter to be installed.

  7. Permanent Due Date

    This form allows customers who are on a fixed income and receive (1) paycheck per month. This allows them to request a permanent due... More…

  8. Release for Reconnection of Water

    Fill out to have your water turned back on without anyone present at the property

  9. Water Use Audit

    If you have received a letter indicating that you may have a possible water leak or have higher bills than expected you can fill out... More…

  1. Budget Billing Form

    This form allows you to sign up for budget billing

  2. Dispute Form

    For logging a dispute about your Water/Wastewater Utility Billing within 60 days.

  3. Final Account Request

    This form allows you to end/terminate your Water/Wastewater Utility Account.

  4. Hydrant Meter Monthly Readings

    For those customers who are renting a Hydrant Meter and need to record the monthly readings

  5. Meter Application Commercial

    Application Commerical If you are submitting a commerical permit for new construction and need to apply for a water meter to be... More…

  6. Meter Installation Inspection Request Form

    For Builder use only. To have a new installed meter to be inspected before Certificate of Occupancy is issued.

  7. Rebate Application

    This is the application to apply for a rebate for your water/wastewater bill.

  8. Third Party Notification Form

    Allows a third party access to your Water/Wastewater Utility Account Statement